Planning in Silos

Most people plan their finances in silos, meaning they make a financial or life decision in one planning area without considering the effect on other areas. This is less than ideal because decisions made in one area of finances can negatively affect other areas.

For example, over the years we have found how important it is to look at important planning issues from multiple perspectives before making final decisions. We especially want to ensure a decision being made in one area of a client’s finances doesn’t negatively affect any other areas. This is the reason it is customary for us to work collaboratively with other professionals our clients work with. Oftentimes a client’s planning outcome can improve with input from other competent advisors such as an accountant, estate attorney or real estate professional.

Photo by Dewitt Jones.

How We're Different

This is the reason our firm developed and is nationally known for a process called Integrated Financial Planning™. Whenever we are assisting a client idealize financial decisions in one area of planning, we always consider what effect those decisions will have on anything else. In other words, we want to ensure any financial decision will be a good decision across your entire financial life – especially to prevent a move that would sabotage any other areas of your finances or your life.

Another critical component to our process is that we collaborate with your other professionals such as your accountant, attorney or banker. We are well versed in many areas of planning which enables us to provide guidance on your financial decisions from a holistic point of view.

Photo by Dewitt Jones.

Why Our Financial Planning Process is Truly Unique

We believe that it is vitally important for each of our clients to have a strong foundation of financial planning. The first year we would take a deep dive into all areas of planning to get each area as idealized as possible for you. Examples are reading through the fine print of your insurance policies, estate plans and investment products to determine if they are suitable and working in your best interest.

Part 1

The first part of each meeting is devoted to providing education on the planning area we are discussing based on your level of financial knowledge.

Part 2

Part two of the meeting is going over our analysis of the planning areas we are discussing.

Part 3

Part three is presenting you with two or three options that will help you idealize your outcomes.

Part 4

You then choose the option you believe is the right solution for you. (We believe, in most cases, there are multiple options for making a good decision.)

Due to our three decades of experience, we possess advanced knowledge in most areas of planning. We will come up with carefully thought out combinations of strategies to improve your financial plan. However, we will communicate the ideas and strategies in a simple, comprehendible way so you can make the right decisions and always understand what you are doing and why. Most of our clients who were working with another financial advisor before they became our client, find that our team almost always comes back with many beneficial ideas and recommendations they had not heard of before.