Do You Have a Specific Plan for the Next Bear Market?

We do.

Our Advisor Team Will Plan Ahead with You to Help Protect Your Assets

Deborah Fox’s over 30 years of experience as an advisor, and personally witnessing and working through three major bear market cycles, has led to the creation of the firm’s specific Bear Market Strategy for our clients to address the next investment cycle.

Deborah and Andrew believe we are nearing the end of the current bull market cycle and will likely see the next bear market arrive within the next few years. We feel it is critical for investors who have already retired, or who have fifteen years or less until they do, to have a specific, individualized plan in place for the best chance of weathering the next stock and bond market cycle.

Investment Philosophy

Our experience over the years has proven to us that the most important aspect to investing is having a detailed, well-defined plan. This begins by building a diversified portfolio based on your timeline and risk profile, selecting investments that keep account fees low (so more of your money is working for you), and using rules to keep investor behavior in check during both good times and bad. We also attempt to invest as tax-efficiently as possible through asset location, which has the potential to add to your overall investment return.

Having a clear investment strategy is important - especially when times get scary as markets experience significant losses. As our client, we would construct and implement an investment allocation that would resonate with you and bring you peace of mind about your money so you can focus on enjoying your life.