A Better Way to Pay for Services

Instead of charging a percentage of assets under management (AUM) like most advisory firms, we have adopted a flat fee model. With this fee structure, we can provide unbiased advice on many other areas of finance beyond the investment accounts we are managing. Examples include advice for company retirement plans, real estate, idealizing Social Security and Medicare claiming, large purchases such as a home or automobile, business planning and more.

Our fee is calculated based on the complexity of the work we do for you, not according to the account values of your assets we manage. This also means we can determine the most tax-efficient way for you to pay our fee. For example, if you have a business or rental property for which we are providing advice, a portion of your fee can be paid through these entities and would likely be tax deductible.

A flat fee is much easier for clients to calculate and understand and isn’t buried inside an investment statement where it is hard to find. Our flat fee ensures you would be paying a logical, reasonable fee for the services you would be receiving. We have seen many clients who have been paying for services based on a percentage of investment assets under management who are now being overcharged for the services they are receiving.

For more information on this topic, download our free report on why you shouldn’t pay an advisor by a percentage of your assets.